W 51 Model

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Availablity: YES

Car finding feature to search and find the place you parked the car in.
The system can be connected to all kind of central door locking systems.
Special circuit to disconnect the engine while arming.
System indicates any attempts of unauthorized entry.
System can be reset in emergences cases (such as losing remote control).
Signal lights has two way to connect for safety and distribute load.
A bright indicator bi-color led (blue-red).
System rearms when disarmed by mistake.
A New advanced alarm based on microcomputer chip to avoid errors.
Controlling car using bluetooth
System saves the last state if the power off.
Adjustable shock sensor based on electromagnetic waves.
Very loud siren with power of 20w, 125dsb.
Anti scan system.
Special connection for easy installation of window closer.
Anti hijack to prevent car hijack.
Locking and unlocking doors when start and stop the engine.
Advanced coding system with 2,000,000 code.
Trunk release by remote (if it has electrical lock).
Siren can be turned on any time by remote for warning.
AMulti functional remote control with attractive shape and small size.
Five years full guarantee.
Arming and disarming in mute feature.